Rock Gardens of Mont Blanc


You don’t hear much about rock gardens, do you? They are simply patches of planted ground bordered by rocks, but their contents make them something special. They contain unique ecosystems, letting you pass quickly from the flora of the Valle d’Aosta to that of the Arctic Circle, North America, the Iberian Peninsula and other parts of the planet. Just a few meters in which you can admire small alpine species from all over the world.

  • Valle d’Aosta Rock Gardens

    At the entrance to the Gardens you’ll find the flora of Valle d’Aosta, the region the Gardens call home and the smallest in Italy, as little children learn in school.

  • Western Alps Rock Gardens

    In a single glance, the Western Alps Rock Gardens offers you a panorama of all the species that inhabit the westernmost mountains in Italy, from the Maritime Alps to those of Provence, passing through the Cottian and Graian Alps.

  • Eastern Alps Rock Gardens

    The soil is largely composed of calcareous rock in the space dedicated to the flora of the Eastern Alps. Among them is a light-colored, particular rock, dolomite, whose name is borne by a mountain range as beautiful as the one you are in now.

  • Medicinal herbariums

    Every plant has a story. And that’s not all: in their tiny leaves, seeds, roots and bark, some plants hold medicinal powers.

  • Exotics (Rock Gardens of North America, the Iberian Peninsula and Eurasia)

    Some of the plants in the North American Rock Gardens resemble those we are familiar with.

  • Calcicole flora

    The rocks seem immobile, but it is in their depths that everything begins: each element reacts harmoniously with the others and defines the identity of an entire mountain.

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