Mont Blanc Rockeries

  • Aosta Valley Rockeries

    The rockery, found at the entrance to the garden, immediately welcomes visitors into the typical mountain environment.

  • Rockeries of the Western Alps

    The flora of the Western Alps includes Pulsatilla halleri. The flowers of this exquisite anemone, which grows on high mountain meadows, emerge at the start of spring.

  • Medicinal plants beds

    The medicinal plant beds contain some of the most common medicinal and edible Alpine plants.

  • Exotic Rockeries

    The exotic rockery contains plant species from mountain ranges in other continents and countries, such as North America, the Iberian Peninsula, Eurasia and New Zealand.

  • Calcareous substrate flora

    The area includes species that grow on alkaline substrate, a layer rich in calcium carbonate, nutrients, and mineral microelements.

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