The Pavillon Alpine Garden

The garden was created in 1984 on the glacial promontory known as Mont Fréty on the Mont Blanc massif, with the backing of the Forestry Corpand the Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley. It was strongly supported by Laurent Ferretti, Alpine flora enthusiast and founder of the “Fondazione Donzelli, Gilberti e Ferretti”, which is today’s Saussurea Foundation that manages the garden.

Officially inaugurated in 1987 principally as a tourist destination, the garden gradually became more scientifically oriented, also in part due to the establishment of the Pavillon du Mont Fréty nature protection oasis and the “Espace Mont-Blanc” initiative to create an international park in the future.

The Saussurea Alpine Garden, the highest in Europe standing at 2175 metres above sea level, takes its name from the Saussurea alpina flower, named in honour of the Geneva scientist Horace Benedict de Saussure who was the instigator behind the first ascent of Mont Blanc in 1786.



Visitors to the Chalet will be able to read information boards on the plants and wildlife found in the Aosta Valley and on Mont Blanc, with a particular focus on typical mountain environments.


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