The importance of Alpine gardens

Alpine gardens can have a variety of functions:

  • Systematic – informational. Achieved by growing the largest numbers of species in order to ensure a wide range of plants with differentiated and prolonged flowering. The plant life of the area in which the garden is located is displayed in the best possible way.
  • Didactic – educational. Achieved by describing the different plant types according to geographical area or place of origin, using plant identification labels, information boards, photographic displays, leaflets and guides.
  • Experimental for repopulation purposes. Achieved by cultivating certain species of interest, be they rare or threatened species or those that have a specific practical application, such as medicinal plants or those used in the production of perfumes.
  • Floristic research purposes. Achieved by studying the plant life present in the territory surrounding the garden and the nearby valleys.
  • Conservation of the Alpine flora. The aim here is to improve the properties of the plants by selecting species and maintaining the natural environments


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