A.I.G.B.A. is the acronym for the International Association of Alpine Botanical Gardens.

Formed in 1970 at the Rea Botanical Gardens in San Bernardino di Trana as the C.I.G.A.A.O. (International Confederation of Alpine Gardens of the Western Alps), four years later it evolved into the International Association of Alpine Botanical Gardens (A.I.G.B.A.), with the entry of numerous botanical gardens outside the area of the western Alps.

The Association coordinated, developed and intensified the activities of the member gardens.

Annual congresses and collective visits to the various gardens revealed themselves to be of great importance for everyone who participated, as these occasions provide an opportunity for discussion focused on a garden’s problems, and possible solutions are frequently identified.

With the entry of the new Executive Committee (three years ago), all the activities that had been neglected in the years before were reinforced and renewed, like the organization of annual congresses with the participation of both members and amateur botanists. In addition, since 1999 the Association has published “A.I.G.B.A Notes”, an important communication instrument for exchanging information among members which, in addition to directly addressing the management of the gardens, also contains articles on botanical topics and a page devoted to reviews of sector books and magazines.

At present, the A.I.G.B.A. counts more than 20 Gardens and nearly 100 members on both sides of the Alps.

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