The Jardinalp project is part of the territorial collaboration program Europea Interreg V A Italia Francia (ALCOTRA) 2014-2020.

The object of this collaboration between eight Italian and French alpine botanical gardens is to stimulate scientific and cultural tourism associated with education on plant biodiversity.



The following are part of the alpine gardens network:

  • The National Alpine Botanical Conservatory (Hautes-Alpes, project leader): the specialist in flora of the French Alps, located in the area of Charance, in Gap.
  • The Joseph Fourier alpine station (Hautes-Alpes): an important center of research and education on biodiversity, through the alpine gardens of Lautaret and the Galleria delle Alpi.
  • The Management Body of the protected areas of the Maritime Alps (Piedmont): two high altitude botanical stations open to excursionists in the Marguareis Park and the Valderia gardens.
  • The Management Body of the protected areas of the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta: an alpine garden in the historical site of Castel Savoia.
  • The Gran Paradiso National Park (Valle d’Aosta and Piedmont): a protected area, the Paradisia alpine gardens.
  • The Saussurea Foundation (Valle d’Aosta): the Mont Bianc gardens, Saussurea, in Courmayeur.
  • The Chanousia gardens (Valle d’Aosta): the historical gardens of the Chanoux Abbey, Chanousia, on the hill of the Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo.


Developing scientific tourism based on a network of eight prestigious alpine gardens

To achieve this objective, the partners have planned the following actions:

  • Create a new alpine garden in Gap, in a well-frequented area.
  • Modernize the existing gardens to make them more visitor-friendly (through restructuring projects, barrier-free access, signs, audio guides, QR codes, involvement of local tourism professionals, communication tools, films, exhibits).
  • Create synergies between the partners to add value to the gardens network and enjoy an economy of scale (shared multilingual communication, shared tools, sharing of best practices).
  • Encourage the public to discover the natural legacy of the Alps (gardens and botanical tours).

A project with great promise

The project concerns and includes:

  • Gardens situated in the principal locations in the Alps, already popular tourist destinations (over 170,000 visitors a year in the 8 sites).
  • Partners of a high level, with vast experience in receiving the public and in scientific education.
  • Sourcing for teaching and communication tools.
  • An attractive summer tourism offering, representative of the identity of the Alps.

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