Environment and altitudes

The garden is situated on a natural pass dividing the Toula glacier and moraine from the Mont Fréty glacier and moraine on the slopes of the Mont Blanc massif. Lying to the right of the valley is Val Veny, which leads into France through the Col de la Seigne. To the left is Val Ferret which leads into Switzerland through the Col Ferret Alpine pass. Both valleys are crossed by mountain streams that converge to form the Doire Baltée river at Entréves, just below the garden, which looks out over the Courmayeur basin.

The garden is surrounded by a circular vista of mountains including the magnificent Mont Blanc, the Dames Anglaises, the Torre di Jetoula, the Dent du Géant and the Grandes Jorasses, while the massif of Grand Paradis, the Ruitor glacier and Grivola mountain can be glimpsed when looking towards the valley.
The environment is typical of high altitudes with thinning forest that disappears to give way to Alpine pastures, interspersed with large granite rocks that fall as a result of the natural subsidence of the mountains.

Snowfall is abundant, with snow covering the area for 8-9 months a year, disappearing completely only after the end of June.




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