Corrado Ferretti is the President of the Saussurea Foundation, a professional and entrepreneur with a great passion for social and innovation. He started his career in the “profit” business and later focused on responsible capital and social entrepreneurship, with the ambition of combining social impact and economic sustainability to generate value mainly in the sectors of education, welfare, social credit, and the environment.

Graduated from the School of Business Administration in Turin and a graduate of LUISS in Rome, Corrado Ferretti has been registered on the Register of Accountants since 1982. He founded the consumer credit company GFItalia in 1984 and was later the President of Banca della Valle d’Aosta, Funivie del Monte Bianco, and Centro Sportivo Courmayeur. In 2000, he founded and held the role of administrator of WebRider, and later He was the President of the International School of Turin from 2006 to 2013.

In 2007, he founded PerMicro, which became Italy’s first microcredit company, of which he was President until 2017.

Throughout his career, Corrado Ferretti has received numerous awards, such as the 2013 Bogianen Prize from the CCIAA of Turin and the 2017 Business Excellence Prize from Harvard Business Review with PerMicro. He has often been invited as a speaker on the themes of social innovation by institutions such as the European Investment Bank, some DG europes, the Bank of France, and some university microfinance courses.

Currently, he is the President of the Saussurea Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Courmayeur that promotes and encourages naturalistic studies, with a particular reference to the territory of Valle d’Aosta and the Monte Bianco area. In this role, he leads the Foundation in its mission.

Corrado Ferretti

The Godfather of the Gardens

It’s hard to say when this story begins: it could start with the birth of Count Giovanni Battista Gilberti (in Milan, on the 15th of June, 1913) or it could begin before that, with the holidays his family had been spending in Courmayeur for five years prior to the glad event. There is no doubt, though that the Count, whom his friends called Titta, was enamored of the mountains and of skiing, and above all, of these mountains. Under his guidance, Courmayeur was transformed from a little village in the Alps to a renowned modern winter tourist destination. In 1957 the Count purchased Count Lora Totino’s shares in the Società Monte Bianco, thus becoming majority shareholder and President of the company, which owned the cable cars. From that moment on, the Gilberti family became the leading player in the tourism sector in Courmayeur.

The Gardens’ Founder

If the Gardens exist, it is thanks to Laurent Ferretti, an extraordinary intellectual, professional and public administrator. With an eye to Valle d’Aosta and how it could present itself to the international set, Ferretti launched the Courmayeur Foundation and bequeathed it his library.

The Courmayeur Foundation – International Center on Jurisprudence, Society and Economics, established the “Laurent Ferretti” permanent observatory on the mountains, whose objective is to stimulate an ongoing discussion on the problems and resources of the mountains.

Laurent e Adele Ferretti

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