The founding members

Promoter of the Garden

Count Giovanni Battista Gilberti (‘Titta’ to his friends) was born in Milan on 15 June 1913 to a family whohad been holidaying in Courmayeur since 1908. A keen mountaineer and skier, pioneer of the development of Courmayeur as a ski resort and tourism centre, Gilberti’s name is forever linked to this small Alpine village which, under his guidance, was to become a fashionable winter tourist resort. In 1957, the Count bought shares in Società Monte Bianco from Count Lora Totino, becoming the majority shareholder and chairman of the company and the owner of the cableways. From this point on, the Gilberti family became the main drivers of Courmayeur’s development as a tourist resort.

Founder of the Garden

Laurent Ferretti, an extraordinary intellectual, professional and public administrator who, ever attentive to the realities of the Aosta Valley and keen for it to be recognised at an international level, always worked extremely hard to promote the activities of the Courmayeur Foundation, to which he donated his personal book collection.
The Courmayeur Foundation – International Centre for Legal, Social and Economic Issues – set up the permanent “Laurent Ferretti” Observatory on the mountain, with the aim of creating a forum for sharing ideas about issues concerning the mountain areas, as well as drawing attention to the very same.

Laurent and Adele Ferretti

The board of directors is composed of Corrado Ferretti, Annalisa Ferretti Levi Montalcini, Laura Poggio, Chantal Tréves, Ermanno Dal Molin, Lucia Picchiottino, Isabella Vanacore Falco.

  • Corrado Ferretti, President
  • Isabella Vanacore Falco, Director
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